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Body Treatments

Our popular body sculpting treatments and techniques can be used separately or combined together for maximum results. Ultrasound/sonic cavitation fat reduction treatment & radio frequency skin tightening combined together are an excellent way to reduce unwanted fat pockets, break down cellulite & tighten the skin. Results can be visibly noticeable from only one session of body sculpting although a course of 5-6 treatments are recommended for maximum results. The results from this treatment continue to work even further for weeks after the treatment has been carried out.
What We Offer In-Salon + Prices

Bikini 20 £50.00

Bikini 50 (G-string) £65.00

Bikini 70 (Brazilian) £75.00

Bikini 90 (Hollywood) £90.00

Buttocks £90.00

Stomach line £40.00

Nipples £40.00

Shoulders £65.00

Upper back £70.00

Lower back  £70.00

Full back and shoulders £150.00

Chest £85.00

Abdomen £85.00

Chest and abdomen £145.00

Arms And Legs

Underarms £50.00

Half arms £65.00

Full arms £120.00

Hands/feet £40.00

Fingers/toes £40.00 

Full legs £150.00

Knees and lower legs £90.00

Knees and upper legs/thighs £100.00

Body Sculpting

Ultrasound Cavitation Fat and Cellulite Reduction with Radio Frequency Skin Tightening:

30 Minutes £30.00

60 Minutes £60.00

(Course of six £320.00 or course of ten £500.00)

Advanced Beauty Care

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